Welcome to Harvard’s first integrated undergraduate advising resources and support website. This website is meant to serve as a resource for Harvard College students and advisers, in support of the College’s mission of providing students with an intellectually, socially, and personally transformative experience.  Our special focus in this site is on the intellectual aspect of this mission.  

We hope this website will help you

  • understand the individual components of Harvard’s curriculum and how to integrate them into a coherent undergraduate education, 

  • discover the many opportunities for intellectual enrichment that Harvard offers and learn how to take advantage of them, and

  • identify whom to turn to for help and guidance.

-The Advising Programs Office


In an effort to support Harvard’s sustainability efforts, the APO has gone green with the 49 book! The previously printed 49 book is now available as a web-based resource and as an app for iPhone and Android! Click here to browse all 49 of Harvard’s concentrations on the web, or click here for instructions on downloading the app.

Important Academic Deadlines

2018 Mar 16

Spring Recess

Fri - Sat, Mar 16 to Mar 24, 4:25pm - 4:25pm