Theater, Dance & Media

Brief Description of Concentration

Theater, Dance, and MediaTheater, Dance & Media (TDM) combines historical and theoretical study of live and digital arts with the practice of those arts. Taught by FAS Faculty, and by practitioners from the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) and the Dance Center, as well as numerous visiting artists/scholars each year, students are introduced to the rigor and discipline required to participate in professional theater, dance and media practices. TDM emphasizes collaboration. The concentration explores the many ways to act, design, direct, compose, choreograph, dance, write, produce and organize live art and digital media. Our studio courses model and study the many forms of art collaboration; similarly, scholarly courses look to the history and theory of culture as a complement to the skills gained in studio practice.

Learning Objectives

The goal of the concentration is to foster the imagination and intellect using a broad range of arts-based research and practice techniques. TDM offers training a variety of methods to create expressive culture. Students are strongly encouraged to work across art forms, including literature, music, and the visual arts as well as with and beyond the other disciplines in the humanities, in order to incorporate new ideas and forms of knowledge into their work in the performing arts.

Gateway Courses

Students who wish to explore Theater, Dance & Media may want to try one of several TDM practice-based courses listed in the course catalog, or one of the scholarly courses cross-listed under Theater, Dance & Media. For example: 

  • TDM 120. What’s So Funny? Introduction To Improvisational Comedy
  • TDM 140R. Fundaments of Improvisation and Composition: Dance
  • TDM 158A  Transformative Design
  • TDM 164H Playwriting: Ritual Practice and Curious Worlds


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