School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Special Concentrations

Brief Description of Concentration

special concentrationsSpecial Concentrations is a unique program at Harvard College, in which students may design their own concentration.  Students with intellectual goals that cannot be accommodated within the existing concentration...

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Mechanical Engineering

Brief Description of Concentration

Mechanical enginemechanical engineeringering is a discipline of engineering that uses the principles of physics and materials science for the analysis and design of mechanical and thermal systems. Mechanical engineering is critical...

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Engineering Sciences

Brief Description of Concentration

 engineering sciencesEngineering plays a critical role in enhancing social progress and improving our quality of life. The Engineering Sciences program educates future leaders with the technical background necessary to develop and critically...

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Electrical Engineering

Brief Description of Concentration

Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering provides the information and communications pathways that link us together, the techniques that allow us to send a multitude of complex information over long distances ever more rapidly, and that allow us...

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Computer Science

Brief Description of Concentration

students working togetherComputer science is about tools and technology, and also about understanding and engaging with the world. From swarms of insects to elementary particles, rational agents in a market, and neurons in a brain,...

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Biomedical Engineering

Brief Description of Concentration

biomedical engineeringBiomedical Engineering lies at the intersection of the physical and life sciences, incorporating principles from physics and chemistry to understand the operation of living systems. As in other engineering fields, the approach is...

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Applied Mathematics

Brief Description of Concentration

students discussing in front of whiteboardApplied mathematics represents a quantitative liberal arts degree. The degree provides the opportunity for combining mathematical thinking with any subject for which mathematics can be productively applied...

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