Study Abroad

You are encouraged to include an international experience as part of your undergraduate education. Students study abroad to improve their proficiency in a foreign language, be immersed in a foreign culture, enhance their term-time studies or try something entirely new. You may plan to study abroad during the summer, for one term, or for the entire academic year, through both Harvard and non-Harvard opportunities. Regardless of the reasons, students who’ve studied abroad report gaining a new perspective on their work, their relationships, their goals, and their values.

You may choose to study abroad either through the Harvard Summer School or through the Office of International Education's many pre-approved study abroad programs.

Check out the Office of International Education’s “Because I Went Abroad” series which highlights the impact that study abroad has on undergraduates and their education.

"Term-time study abroad brought on a deconstruction of my identity that will shape the way I approach the rest of my time at Harvard" - Claire Dickson '19 

Do I get credit for study abroad?

You may study abroad for concentration or elective credit, reduce up to two of your General Education requirements (for term-time study if you study abroad before Fall 2019 when the new General Education requirements take effect) and receive credit towards a secondary field or a language citation through academic work completed abroad. Review the Office of International Education’s website and the Harvard Summer School's website for information on receiving credit for study abroad, and be sure to consult the study abroad advisors in the concentrations (this information can be found on the Concentrations website on each concentration’s page under “Contact Us”) on how you can fit study abroad into your undergraduate experience while meeting concentration requirements.

Harvard Summer School Study Abroad FAQs

Office of International Education Term-Time Study Abroad FAQs

Office of International Education Summer Study Abroad FAQs

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