Star Family Prizes for Excellence in Advising

The Star Family Prizes for Excellence in Advising were established by James A. Star, AB 1983, to recognize and reward individuals who contribute to the College through their exemplary intellectual and personal guidance of undergraduate students. 

Prizes are awarded each year to twelve advisers:

  • 3 First-year Advisers:  Proctors and non-resident Board of First-year Advisers
  • 3 Sophomore Advisers:  House tutors who serve in this advising role
  • 3 Concentration Advisers:  Students' assigned departmental advisers (faculty or no-faculty are eligible)
  • 3 Faculty Advisers:  Thesis advisers or other formal/informal departmental advisers (only faculty are eligible)

If you have any questions about this award, the nomination process, or whether an adviser of yours is eligible to receive a Star Prize, please contact

All Star Prize recipients will receive certificates of distinction and recognition within the Harvard community later in the semester.


Past Star Prize Publications

Browse through our publications highlighting Star Prize Nominees and Recipients over the history of the award:

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