Special Concentrations

Brief Description of Concentration

special concentrationsSpecial Concentrations is a unique program at Harvard College, in which students may design their own concentration.  Students with intellectual goals that cannot be accommodated within the existing concentration structure may apply for the opportunity to create their own course of study.  Special Concentrations is for students who know precisely what they want to study and who have, after thorough research, determined that their aims cannot be achieved within the confines of our regular concentrations, joint concentrations, concentration plus secondary, or series of research projects.

Learning Objectives

Students establish their own learning objectives as part of their individual concentrations.  These programs are typically highly interdisciplinary and often include some combination of content knowledge, command of theory, and methodological competence in a combination of fields.  Special Concentrators bring the threads of their studies together in a general exam, as well as a culminating work, either a thesis (for honors concentrators) or a capstone project (for non-honors concentrators).   

Ways to Explore

To get started, students should consult with faculty members, administrators, and graduate students whose teaching or research engages with their areas of interest.  Interested students can also make an appointment to talk with us about your ideas.  For next steps, please visit our website.