South Asian Studies

Brief Description of Concentration

south asian studiesA concentration in South Asian Studies enables students to develop a critical understanding of the diverse cultures, histories, languages and literatures of South Asia, which includes Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet. South Asia is home to more than a billion people and some of the world’s most fascinating and important civilizations. Its influence has extended historically from Central, East, and Southeast Asia to Europe and North America, which today have vibrant South Asian diasporas. The study of South Asia is an increasingly important area of academic inquiry, especially in recent decades as the region emerges as a global cultural, economic, and political power. 

Learning Objectives

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Gateway Courses

  • CULTBLF 28: Hindu Worlds of Art and Culture
  • CULTBLF 60: Religion in India - Texts and Traditions in a Complex Society
  • ER 19: The Good Life in Classical India
  • FRSEMR 32X: Topics in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
  • HAA 18S: Arts of South and Southeast Asia
  • HIST 1036: Modern South Asia