Sophomore Advising

The mission of sophomore advising at Harvard College is to support sophomores as they engage in focused academic exploration.  The sophomore year is a pivotal one in the academic journey - students are required to declare their concentration during the fall semester (November).  As students transition to their concentrations, they will explore plans for opportunities such as study abroad, internships, research, public service, secondary fields, and summer opportunities.  

Sophomore advising at Harvard is a collaborative effort on the part of students, Houses, concentrations, and the Advising Programs Office (APO). Each sophomore is assigned a House tutor (residential or non-residential), who serves as the primary academic adviser in the student’s third term. Concentrations assume primary academic advising responsibility for sophomores in the fourth term, while House sophomore advisers continue to offer on-going academic advising as students explore curricular and co-curricular endeavors outside of the concentrations.