Sophomore Advising

Who Are My Sophomore Year Advisers?

During your sophomore year, you will be supported by an extensive network of advisers, including your Sophomore Adviser, Concentration Adviser, Resident Tutor and Allston Burr Resident Dean. As you progress in your studies, you'll benefit from the guidance of advisers in your residence and from specialist advisers in your chosen field. You'll also continue to build your own network of advisers, seeking multiple perspectives on how to make the most of your time at Harvard.

We provide information on the role of the sophomore adviser, how students can approach meeting with their sophomore adviser, how to choose classes with an eye to exploring a field of study, and how to connect with and declare a concentration.

Sophomore Adviser

In the fall, your primary adviser will be a House Tutor who will serve as your Sophomore Adviser. This adviser will support you through two important transitions: into your House at the beginning of your third term and into your concentration near the end of your third term. Your Sophomore Adviser will help you select courses, choose your concentration, and connect with concentration advisers. After you declare your concentration, they will help you plan for academic opportunities such as research or study abroad, and point you to the resources you need.

Concentration Adviser

Concentration advisers are available to offer sophomores general information about their fields and to discuss concentration requirements. Concentration advising guides you through your field of study in three phases: introductory courses, advanced work and when applicable, a final project or thesis in your senior year. Once you select a concentration, your department will assign a primary academic adviser according to their approach. Most concentrations take a team approach to advising, encouraging you to seek advice from a variety of sources, such as the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Head Tutor, the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies or Assistant Head Tutor, or the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Resident Tutor

Every upperclass House has its own staff of advisers called resident tutors. House tutors are hired for their expertise in certain academic or professional areas, and provide general advising to students in their entryways. Every House Tutor also serves as the Sophomore Adviser for a small group of students in the House.

Allston Burr Resident Dean

Every House also has an Allston Burr Resident Dean (ABRD), who tracks the academic progress of students in residence. ABRDs are the senior academic officers in the Houses. Students are encouraged to turn to them for any kind of advising guidance. 

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