Brief Description of Concentration

sociologySociology is the study of society, of the social frameworks within which we live our lives. It is a study of social life at every level, from two-person relationships to the rise and fall of nations and civilizations.  

Learning Objectives

We prepare students to develop sociological questions and to design and conduct systematic and rigorous research which they pursue through course projects and senior theses. There are multiple opportunities for students to gain valuable research experience including through RA work on faculty projects. 

Gateway Courses

You can take one of our courses that are designed to give you an introduction to the discipline including:

  • Soc 1023: Political Sociology

  • Soc 1046: Life and Death by Design 

  • Soc 1058: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality 

You can take a Gen Ed course that is also a sociology course including:

  • Gen Ed 1019: The Caribbean Crucible 

  • Gen Ed 1092: American Society and Public Policy 

  • Gen Ed 1115: Human Trafficking, Slavery and Abolition in the Modern World 

You can take an 1100-level elective course on a topic that interests you, found here:

If you have confidence that you are going to concentrate in sociology you might consider taking one of the following core courses that are required for concentrators. 

  • SOCIOL 97: Social Theory (offered fall and spring)
  • SOCIOL 128: Models of Social Science Research (offered spring only)