Slavic Languages and Literatures

Brief Description of Concentration

slavic languages and literaturesThe concentration in Slavic Literatures and Cultures offers you the opportunity to study the great works and cultural traditions, past and present, of Russia and the other Slavic countries, especially Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic. These countries share a rich cultural life as well as a turbulent and fascinating history. In the Slavic concentration, you will develop proficiency in Russian or another Slavic language such as Czech, Polish, or Ukrainian; you will learn to read literary works in the original language, gain valuable experience for working and traveling abroad, and come to understand these cultures and the important role they have played in the modern world.

Learning Objectives

The Slavic concentration encourages creativity and initiative and will teach you both how to analyze literary works and how to place them in their political and cultural context. The language requirement helps students develop advanced proficiency in Russian or another Slavic language (such as Czech, Polish, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, or Ukrainian), and use their knowledge of the language to read everything from newspapers and primary historical texts to great works of world literature like War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, and The Master and Margarita. 

Gateway Courses

Fall 2021:

  • RUSS A: Elementary Russian (or other Slavic language)
  • Slavic 114/TDM 114: Squaring the Circle: Russia, Art, Revolution (Daria Khitrova)
  • Slavic 116: The Russian Novel (Julie Buckler)
  • Slavic 127: Hacking Russia: Technological Dreams and Nightmares of Russian Culture (Nariman Skakov)
  • Freshman Seminar: Reading the Novella: Form and Suspense in Short Fiction (Jonathan Bolton)
  • Freshman Seminar: Reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace (Julie Buckler)

Spring 2022:

  • RUSS AAB: Elementary Russian Intensive (or other Slavic language)
  • Slavic 133: Modernist Journeys (Nariman Skakov)
  • Slavic 147: Russian Fiction in the Soviet Era (Justin Weir)
  • Slavic 182: The Political Novel (Jonathan Bolton)
  • Freshman Seminar: War in Fiction and Film (Justin Weir)
  • Freshman Seminar: What is Avant-Garde? (Nariman Skakov)

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