Romance Languages and Literatures

Brief Description of Concentration

romance languages and literaturesIn the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures (RLL), undergraduates discover the literatures, cultures, and critical approaches of societies worldwide where French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan are spoken. RLL offers language courses from the beginning to advanced levels, as well as opportunities for accelerated work and study abroad.  The heart of the concentration consists of courses about literature and society taught in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Faculty also offer advanced courses in English on special topics that involve more than one language tradition.

Learning Objectives

Small classes, faculty-taught tutorials and faculty-advised honors theses teach students to read and think critically and creatively, as well as develop individual research questions and studies. Concentration Requirements include upper-level language courses to ensure that concentrators acquire advanced oral, written, and cultural proficiency. Courses specifically for undergraduates build on this foundation, introducing major periods in the Romance literatures or offering hands-on work in translation, creative writing, and dramatic performance.

Gateway Courses

  • Introduction to French Literature: The Francophone World – FRENCH 70c
  • Protest, Dissent, and Resistance in French Literature – FRENCH 76
  • Comic Relief: The Power of Humor in Social Fiction – FRENCH 88
  • Modern Stories about Paris – FRENCH 61M
  • The Italian Medieval Renaissances – ITAL 71
  • Visions of Poetry – ITAL 80
  • Beyond Samba and Bossa Nova: Brazilian Society through the Study of Music –  PORTUG 70
  • Introduction to Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture – SPANSH 72
  • Introduction to Latino/a Literature in the United States – SPANSH 75
  • Things in Literature – SPANSH 87
  • Spanish for Public Health – SPANSH 61PH


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