Reporting Your Conversation

During Exploring Fields of Study, every time you attend a Fields of Study Session or visit office hours you are engaging in an Advising Conversation. Advising Conversations give you the chance to ask questions, learn more about particular concentrations, and think about which concentration(s) may be best suited to your interests. Every first-year student is required by Faculty legislation to have at least one Advising Conversation during Exploring Fields of Study, though we encourage you to have many.

Upon completion of the Advising Conversation report, the tool will remain active in your "To Do" list until April 25. This will allow you to complete reports for additional events.

How to Report Your Advising Conversation: 

To submit your report(s), go to the Student Home tab in my.harvard, and click on the Advising Conversation Report link in your To Do list and follow the instructions on the screens that follow. You can verify that your submission was successful by reviewing your report in the Documents tab in your my.harvard profile.

Visual Guide:

1. You will find the link to the reporting tool in your To Do list.

document your conversation

2.  This will open up the following window. Click on "Open Report" to access the reporting tool.

open your report

3.  Fill out the Advising Conversation Report, and hit CompleteImportant: once you hit Complete, you will not be able to edit the information you submitted. Whatever you submit prior to clicking "Complete" will appear in your report.

fill out advising conversation report

4. You will receive a confirmation message indicating your report was successfully submitted.

 confirmation submission

Contact for Support

If you experience any technical difficulties accessing the reporting tool or filling out or submitting your conversation report, please contact For all other questions, please contact