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The FAS Registrar’s Office serves faculty, students, staff, and alumni by overseeing the course registration process, tracking student progress and status, publishing the course catalogue, scheduling classrooms, managing final exams, billing tuition and fees, and maintaining student records. Students will interact with the Registrar’s Office in order to order transcripts and certificates of enrollment, inspect their student records, track their academic progress, schedule spaces for student organization events, and certify that they have met degree requirements. If you are ever confused where you should go to get something done or to get help in any way, the Registrar’s Office is happy to assist you. Visit them on the 4th floor of the Smith Campus Center or write to

Handbook for Students

The College’s advising resource of record is the Harvard College Handbook for Students, which describes all the rules and procedures of Harvard College.  Consult the Handbook for information on the College’s:

 Visit the Harvard College Handbook for Students for a complete listing of its contents.

Student Home

The Student Home in is your starting place to register for courses, view and pay bills, see your schedule, check your grades, and many other functions. Please visit the my.harvard Knowledge Center for instructions and help.


Students register their intent to register for courses each term by completing an online check-in process. Go to the Registrar’s web site for more information about Check-In.


Students register for courses in Prior to registering, they must meet with their official academic adviser to discuss their academic plan for the term. The adviser will then lift a registration hold, enabling students to complete the online registration process. Go to the Registrar’s web site for more information about the course registration process.


Harvard College students are able to enroll in courses at other Harvard schools and at MIT. Cross-registration into Harvard schools is done in my.harvard in the same way you register for FAS courses. To cross-register into MIT, please visit the non-Harvard cross-registration portal. Visit the Registrar’s cross-registration web site for more information.


Some classes (e.g., introductory math and language classes), are taught exclusively ‘in sections’. Sectioning for these classes generally takes place at the beginning of Course Selection Week. Visit the Registrar’s web site for information on the online sectioning process.


Exam Policy

Students must abide by the College’s policies concerning potential exam conflicts.  Conflicts may occur, for example, in the case of:

  • exams for different courses that are scheduled at overlapping times
  • exams that conflict with religious observance
  • exams for which students have received disability- or health-related accommodations from the Accessible Education Office
  • exams taken in cross-registered courses

Visit the Registrar’s web site for information on the College’s exam policy.  If you have any questions or concerns about potential conflicts, be sure to speak with your Resident Dean of Freshmen or your Allston Burr Assistant Dean.