Brief Description of Concentration

sociologySociology is the study of society, of the social frameworks within which we live our lives. It is a study of social life at every level, from two-person relationships to the rise and fall of nations and civilizations.  

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Social Studies

Brief Description of Concentration

social studiesSocial Studies was founded in 1960 by a distinguished group of faculty who believed that the study of the social world requires an integration of the disciplines of history, political science, economics, sociology, and anthropology. For over...

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Brief Description of Concentration

psychologyPsychology is the scientific study of the mind, and as such, we investigate the minds of humans and other species. We try to understand the mind at many different levels of analysis, from taking measurements from the brain, through learning about the...

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Brief Description of Concentration

various historical eventsHistory is a broad discipline encompassing every dimension of human interaction in the past, including social life, the economy, culture, thought, and politics. Students of history study individuals, groups, communities, and nations from...

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Brief Description of Concentration

building facade with pillarsThe Department of Government—like political science—is an umbrella for a remarkable range of political subjects and approaches to studying them. It stands at the cross-roads of history, law, economics, sociology, philosophy, and...

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Applied Mathematics

Brief Description of Concentration

students discussing in front of whiteboardApplied mathematics represents a quantitative liberal arts degree. The degree provides the opportunity for combining mathematical thinking with any subject for which mathematics can be productively applied...

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