Earth and Planetary Sciences

Energy and Environment

Brief Description of Secondary Field

windmills and the sunThe energy-environment challenge is a defining issue of our time, and one of Harvard’s greatest contributions to meeting that challenge will be the education of a new generation of leaders in science, business,...

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Brief Description of Concentration

physicsThe concentration in Physics serves a variety of goals and interests. Many concentrators seek an understanding of the subtle, profound, and fundamental laws—relativity, quantum mechanics, and the basic force laws—that govern the behavior of all matter. Often these...

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Mechanical Engineering

Brief Description of Concentration

Mechanical enginemechanical engineeringering is a discipline of engineering that uses the principles of physics and materials science for the analysis and design of mechanical and thermal systems. Mechanical engineering is critical...

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Engineering Sciences

Brief Description of Concentration

 engineering sciencesEngineering plays a critical role in enhancing social progress and improving our quality of life. The Engineering Sciences program educates future leaders with the technical background necessary to develop and critically...

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Electrical Engineering

Brief Description of Concentration

Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering provides the information and communications pathways that link us together, the techniques that allow us to send a multitude of complex information over long distances ever more rapidly, and that allow us...

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Chemistry and Physics

Brief Description of Concentration

Chemistry and PhysicsThere is exciting science on the somewhat arbitrary and fluid boundary between chemistry and physics. Chemists and physicists often study the same phenomena in slightly different ways, and it is very useful, in the boundary area, to...

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Brief Description of Concentration

scientist in labChemistry is the science of the structure, properties, and reactions of matter. It is both a basic science, fundamental to an understanding of the world we live in, and a practical science with an enormous number and variety of important...

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Brief Description of Concentration

astrophysics - spaceThe science of astrophysics involves the study of matter and radiation in the universe as understood through the laws of physics. Astronomical phenomena exhibit an extreme range of physical conditions, from superfluid neutrons in neutron stars,...

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