Brief Description of Concentration

musicThe concentration in Music exposes students to a wide variety of musical styles, sounds, and musical traditions in order to develop their critical understanding of music in diverse cultural and historical contexts. The concentration also provides a solid foundation in theory, analysis, composition, and criticism, while developing critical listening skills, which are a pivotal contribution that engagement with music makes to the humanities. Although the Department of Music is not in itself a school of music with a performance department, all of our courses support the intellectual development of musicians, and several of our courses incorporate or focus on performance.

Learning Objectives

These required courses, taught by different faculty on a rotating basis, provide listening and analytical skills as well as a familiarity with a wide range of methodologies in music studies.

Gateway Courses

Foundation for Music Concentration 

  • Music 97LCritical Listening
  • Music 97T: Thinking about Music
  • Music 98: Advanced Tutorial

Introductory Courses 

  • Music 1: 1000 Years of Listening
  • Music 2: Foundations of Tonal Music
  • Music 4: Introduction to Composition
  • Music 20: Opera
  • Music 26: The Music of Women Creators
  • Music 24: Social Engagement through Music
  • AAAS 182: From R & B to Neo Soul
  • Hum 11B: The Art of Listening



Music Advising Events