Mind, Brain, Behavior

Brief Description of Secondary Field

Mind Brain BehaviorMind Brain Behavior (MBB) introduces students to the interdisciplinary study of the mind, the brain, and behavior. As a secondary field, it offers students the opportunity to confront the significant findings that have arisen from the traditional disciplines in the MBB area of inquiry and emphasizes the intellectual innovations that stem from crossing traditional disciplinary lines

Learning Objectives

Students will learn how past and current researchers have brought the perspectives of neuroscience into dialogue with those of other natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, and will develop habits of interdisciplinary thinking themselves. In particular, the secondary field provides opportunities to learn about computational, neurobiological, evolutionary, psychological, linguistic, philosophical, and historical approaches and their interactions.

Gateway Courses

We recommend that you take Psychology 1, Introduction to Psychological Science, in your first year. PSY 1 serves as an introduction to both psychology and mind/brain/ behavior and is also a requirement for the MBB secondary field. It is offered both semesters. If your schedule does not allow you to take PSY 1 until your sophomore year, that is usually fine.

Beyond coursework, you can learn about and take part in MBB in a variety of ways. Our website covers all things MBB. We also send monthly e-newsletters with information about upcoming events, program updates, and research opportunities. You can join our emailing lists on the front page of our website.

Undergraduates are very welcome to attend MBB public events, including talks by distinguished Harvard and visiting lecturers, as well as an annual symposium designed specifically for undergraduates. We also encourage you to participate in activities of the Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, and Behavior (HSMBB), a very active undergraduate organization that hosts talks, informal conversations, and symposiums with faculty and researchers from a wide range of MBB areas. The HSMBB website is hsmbb.org, its Facebook page is http://facebook.com/HSMBB, and you can join its email list at lists.hcs.harvard.edu/mailman/ listinfo/hsmbb-list.


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Upcoming Advising Events

To find upcoming events for this concentration, visit: https://eas.fas.harvard.edu/calendar/upcoming
Contact naia_poyer@fas.harvard.edu and ask to be added to the EAS listserv and weekly newsletter list to keep up with concentration announcements and opportunities.