Medieval Studies

Brief Description of Secondary Field

Medieval StudiesThe Committee on Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary group of faculty who teach and study a thousand-year-long period of European, Near Eastern, and North African history and culture spanning the period between “Antiquity" (c. 1000 BCE -500 CE) and “Modernity" (c. 1500 CE onward), one that profoundly shaped Western as well as global society as we know it today. While learning about the vast and varied period known as the Middle Ages offers a unique and valuable perspective on modern history and culture, it also teaches us how people who are so much like us in so many ways also lived in a world that was completely different from our own. The Middle Ages is both “us" and “not us," at once part of our collective heritage and something very, very different. 

Learning Objectives

To discover the fascinating ways that human societies very different from our own functioned, invented, created, believed, and interacted with one another.

Gateway Courses

  • Medieval Studies 250: At Cross Purposes: The Crusades in Material Culture
  • History 1935: Byzantine Civilization
  • History and Literature 90an: God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance
  • HAA 12m: Monuments of Islamic Architecture
  • HAA 42p: Architecture through the Ages: Notre-Dame de Paris
  • Italian 138: The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy


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