Language Citation

There are any number of reasons you may wish to pursue advanced proficiency in another language: personal, professional, or otherwise.  Depending how much language study you elect to pursue in college, beyond your minimum requirement, you may be eligible to earn a foreign language citation on your transcript that would highlight your advanced mastery.  (Note: concentrators, including joint concentrators, whose concentration work is built on a particular language or set of languages, are not eligible for citations in those languages.)

Each language citation program consists of:

  • 4 courses of language instruction beyond the first-year level (at a 4 credit/course or equivalent rate) and may include courses taught primarily in that language.
    • At least two of these courses must be at the third-year level or beyond.
    • Appropriate courses taken in approved programs of study out of residence, for which you receive Harvard degree credit, may be counted toward a citation.
    • Courses that satisfy the requirements for a citation may also be counted toward General Education, Secondary Field, and/or concentration requirements, as appropriate.
    • All eligible courses must be completed with letter grades of B- or above.