Informed Choices

How do you make informed course choices?

Here are a few pieces of information to assist you:

  • Harvard has many online and print resources (including course syllabi) to enrich your understanding of courses you may be considering.
  • Unlike most schools, Harvard does not have pre-registration.  Instead, you are encouraged to attend as many courses as you’re interested in and able to during course selection period (colloquially known as “Shopping Week”) before deciding on your final schedule.
  • Course instructors, departmental advisers, and your own academic advisers are helpful sounding boards and key sources of information.  They can assist you in thinking about, for instance,
    • whether a particular course choice is appropriate to your current level of learning (especially important in the case of science or math courses, though sometimes relevant in other fields as well)
    • how a specific course might fit into your overall academic plan
    • how much time commitment a particular course might represent and how to balance your class and homework time with your extracurriculars