Information for Academic Departments

Advising Event Grants**Information about Advising Event Grants for 2020-21 is forthcoming**

Advising Event Grants, 2019-20

As part of our mission, the Advising Programs Office (APO) supports academic departments and committees in their academic advising work with students. To facilitate this, we offer grants in support of events that have an academic advising goal.


Events should meet the following criteria:
1. The primary purpose of the event is to convey information about or related to concentrating in the academic area.
2. The event includes academic advisers (ideally faculty, but may also include other advisers) and students (pre-concentrators and concentrators)

Please note that social events without an academic advising component or course-specific events will not qualify.

Because of the limitations of our budgets, departments and committees are eligible for a maximum of $100 per event and may apply for funding for up to three events per term. If departments and committees join together to sponsor an event, each department or committee may receive a grant.

The Process

1. Departments or committees can submit a proposal (via Qualtrics) outlining the planned event including logistics, goals for the event, and tentative budget. 

2. The APO will respond to all requests within one week.

3. Following the event, departments or committees must submit a follow-up report (via Qualtrics) about the event.

4. In order for the APO to journal the approved grant amount to your department, please send us the CSV file of the full detail listing from HART, with only the relevant transactions for this event, no later than the last day of the month during which your event falls. Note: this must come directly from the General Ledger. Within the detail listing, please make sure each qualified purchase includes the name of the concentration and the date of the event.