How to Harvard seminar

A new pilot program, How to Harvard is a seminar aimed at providing first-year students experience in the opportunities and resources that are a fundamental component of the Harvard College liberal arts and sciences education. 

As part of the seminar, students will be asked to reflect on questions related to what they would like their Harvard experience to be. They will have an opportunity to experience the resources available at Harvard and develop skills to help them in accessing the resources.

Information for Spring 2020

The How to Harvard seminar will be offered in Spring 2020 beginning on Monday, February 10 and will run for four weeks.

What will you learn?

The first two weeks of the seminar will focus on managing your time and on exploring possible concentrations. You will learn tools and tips for creating and using a calendar to manage your assignments and you will learn resources for planning out future semesters to ensure that you can take the courses needed to fulfill your concentration and other requirements. The final two weeks of the seminar will focus on introducing you to the resources for exploring research opportunities and careers as well as international experiences and public service opportunities. You will have a chance to visit offices and meet representatives from those offices. In addition, each week will give you a chance to reflect on your academic goals and to share the experience with a group of peers.

For more information about this pilot, please email