Choosing a Concentration

How Do I Start Thinking About Which Concentration To Declare? 

Choosing a concentration is a seminal moment in a student's academic journey at Harvard. Students should focus on three key areas in determining their concentration: reflect, research, and declare.


As students prepare to declare their concentrations, reflecting on the following considerations and discussing these aspects with their sophomore advisers will help guide the exploration and decision-making process:

  • Reflect on academic interests and long-term career goals

  • Think about the concentration experience, including (but not limited to) advising structure, research opportunities, required courses, thesis

  • Map an 8 semester plan for completing concentration requirements (may be multiple if choosing between different concentrations). Consider sequencing and availability of courses, other academic plans (secondary field, citation, electives) and College Curriculum courses (General Education and Divisional Distribution requirements)


To learn more about the concentration requirements, declaring a concentration, or concentration advising, we recommend the following:


To declare a concentration, students must fill out the form via my.harvardFurther technical instructions to submit the Declaration of Concentration are also available. If you have further questions, we encourage students to connect with their sophomore advisers.  The APO also has experienced advisers who are available to talk with you about your coursework, concentration selection process, and other academic planning. Please sign up for an appointment via our Crimson Scheduler.


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