History and Science

Brief Description of Concentration

History & Scienhistory and science photoce is an interdisciplinary field of study. The program offers students a variety of opportunities to expand their understanding of the scientific enterprise and to explore in detail how science has developed in history and how science has shaped other human activities. Students are challenged to ask big questions about science, medicine, and technology, and their place in human societies across time. How do scientists come to know things about the natural world? Why should we believe what they tell us? What are some social, ethical, political and religious implications of science? How do they affect the way people in different times and places live their lives?

Learning Objectives

The History & Science concentration has two tracks. The Science and Society track is designed for students who want to combine history of science (and related areas) with training in a particular science area. We also have a special Medicine and Society option for pre-med students, as well as an option for students interested in Mind, Brain, Behavior or Technology, Information, and Society.

The History of Science track offers students the opportunity to take extra courses in history of science and related areas, and does not require any specific science courses. This track allows for more connections to be built to other relevant social science fields, such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology, or government.

Gateway Courses

  • History of Science 100: Knowing the World: An Introduction to the History of Science

  • General Education 1089: The Border: Race, Politics, and Health in Modern Mexico

  • General Education 1143: Dark Satanic Mills: How the Factory Made Our World

  • General Education 1150: Medicine and Conflict: The History and Ethics of Healing in Political Turmoil

  • General Education 1170: Confronting COVID-19: Science, History, Policy

  • History of Science 172: Mental Health Matters: Recurring Themes and Unfinished Business

  • History of Science 187: Information: History, Politics, and Ethics

  • History of Science 197: Why Trust Science?




History and Science Advising Events