Brief Description of Concentration

building facade with pillarsThe Department of Government—like political science—is an umbrella for a remarkable range of political subjects and approaches to studying them. It stands at the cross-roads of history, law, economics, sociology, philosophy, and ethics, borrowing from these disciplines as well as constructing theories and methods of its own. 

Learning Objectives

Our first goal is to make all students aware and critical of their unexamined assumptions about politics. Learning to think independently and with some critical distance, to analyze arguments—theoretical, empirical and rhetorical—to weigh alternatives, to write cogently, and to speak persuasively are essential skills for responsible global citizenship as well as professional careers. To achieve breadth in the discipline of political science is our second aim. Third, we encourage students to chart a distinctive path through political science. We offer each student the possibility of satisfying his or her particular intellectual bent and curiosity through a cluster of electives and at least one required seminar. Finally, we encourage students to produce as well as consume political science research. 

Gateway Courses

  • GOV 10: Foundations of Political Theory

  • GOV 20: Foundations of Comparative Politics

  • GOV 30: American Government: A New Perspective

  • GOV 40: International Conflict and Cooperation

  • GOV 1005: Data



Upcoming Advising Events

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