Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Are you ready to begin your Harvard journey?  All you need is an open mind, a spirit of adventure, and a willingness to take initiative.  The information on this website is meant to answer your questions.  We also hope it will open your eyes to opportunities you may not have been aware of, and spur you to further exploration. 

Did you know that Harvard has 49 concentrations in fields as diverse as Sociology and Applied MathematicsIntegrative Biology, and Folkore and Mythology, and that you can complete any concentration you choose regardless of your prior experience?  It will be a while before you need to decide your field.  Take time, during freshman year, to learn about all your options.  And choose your courses wisely: there are so many to select from, yet so few you will enroll in these next four years.  You don’t want to waste any opportunity to deepen your knowledge of a subject you already love or to begin learning about a new one that piques your interest.

Outside the Classroom

The benefits of college study and the opportunities it will afford you aren’t only ones associated with the courses you will take.  Be sure to learn about the many co-curricular opportunities that are available to all Harvard students as well, such as:

  • applying in the world what you learn in the classroom through public service work or internships
  • expanding on your study of arts and cultures through the doing, making, and performance of the arts
  • deepening your intellectual engagement with a particular subject through research.  This may involve working in a lab, collaborating with a member of the faculty on a project of their design, or designing a project of your own and pursuing it with the support of the College. Research happens in every field of study
  • studying abroad over a summer or during term time

Whether you pursue these options now or in the future, you should begin learning about them in freshman year.

Inspiring Places

Finding what inspires you requires effort on your part: to learn about opportunities and seek them out, to speak with senior peers and connect with members of the faculty.  But Inspiration can also come from simply wandering through Harvard spaces and seeing where your thoughts may lead you.  Inspiration of this sort may be found in more places on campus that than we can name, but we encourage you to begin seeking your own inspiration from this short list:

  • Harvard’s libraries and museums
  • Some of Harvard’s key student support offices
    • Office of Career Services
    • Office of International Education
    • Freshman Dean’s Office
    • Office of Student Life
    • Writing Center
    • Bureau of Study Counsel