For Sophomore Advisers

The objective of sophomore advising - a year-long advising relationship with different emphases each term - is to assist students in fully immersing themselves in the intellectual life of the university, in taking advantage of the range of academic opportunities at their dispoal, in choosing the right concentration for them, in making well-informed academic decisions throughout the year, and in having the confidence to shift gears as suits their evolving interests and needs. Because holistic advising goes beyond the strictly academic, Sophomore Advisers build advising relationships with their advisees to support them in all aspects of their College experience. As such, sophomore advisers help students transition to residential life in their Houses in addition to supporting their broader academic well-being.

Advisers are expected to:

1. Provide informed support.
2. Be knowledgeable about the curriculum and resources.
3. Refer students to resources as appropriate.
4. Be accessible, responsive, and proactive.

Advisees are expected to:

1. Be reponsive.
2. Take initiative.
3. Be prepared for advising meetings.
4. Keep an open mind and open to explore other possibilities.

Sophomore Advising Meetings

Sophomore advisers should meet with their advisees at least three times per term, in addition to meeting with them twice during course selection week, and communicate with them regularly via e-mail.

Be sure to record details of these meetings in your advisees' Advising Journals, which you can access through the Advising Center in Advisers are also expected to write up detailed end-of-term reports on each of their advisees. These journal entries are very important, as they allow advisers to track advising meetings with students and allow future advisers in the concentrations to learn about their incoming students.