First-Year Advising

Who Are My First-Year Advisers?

All first-year students have an advising network that includes a First-Year Academic Adviser, a Proctor, a Peer Advising Fellow, and a Resident Dean of First-Year Students. You can see the assigned members of your advising network on my.harvard. Your first-year advising network will help you transition to college academics, assist you in navigating Harvard's resources and in exploring curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and help you plan for your choice of concentration.

Board of First-Year Advisers (BFA)

The Board of First-Year Advisers is composed of faculty, staff and Proctors who serve as academic advisers. Your academic adviser helps you select courses, connect with resources, think about how to balance your time, plan for your concentration, and explore curricular and extracurricular interests. Non-resident First-Year Advisers typically work with 2 to 8 first-year students.  

Peer Advising Fellow (PAF)

Peer Advising Fellows are sophomores, juniors, or seniors who help mentor you in the first year. PAFs are assigned by entryway and, together with the entryway Proctors, are responsible for building community in your entryway. PAFs offer useful guidance how to respond to the challenges of transitioning to college life and how to take advantage of the many available opportunities and resources.


Proctors are staff or graduate students who live in the dorms and advise you on personal, residential, social, and academic matters. For some first-year students, your Proctor also serves as your academic adviser. Proctors oversee entryways of roughly 25 to 30 students, and, together with a small group of Peer Advising Fellows, foster community among students in the entryway.

Resident Dean of First-Year Students (RDF)

The First-Year Experience Office (FYE) within the Dean of Students Office (DSO) looks after the overall well-being of first-year students. Four Resident Deans of First-Year Students (RDFs), each responsible for a group of dorms, work closely with faculty, Proctors, and advisers in support of students' academic and personal welfare. RDFs also serve on the College's Administrative Board. 

APO Office Hours

To speak with a member of the Advising Programs Office about course registration, please sign up for an advising appointment via our Crimson Scheduler.

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