First Generation Resources

Harvard College Advising Programs Office (APO) 

The Harvard College Advising Programs Office compiles the First-Generation Advising Faculty Directory, a list of faculty who have committed to serving as resources for first-generation and low-income students. Many faculty are first-generation themselves, as indicated by their biography. You should feel free to utilize the available contact information to reach out about any questions or concerns you may have.

Dean of Students Office (DSO)

The Dean of Students Office hosts the First-Generation and Low-Income Student Advocate. The duties of the Student Advocate involve advising first-generation and low-income students on academic, social, and personal life. 

Havard College First Generation Student Union (FGSU)

The Harvard College First Generation Student Union is a student organization that provides an inclusive community that aims to ease the transition to college and support first-generation students. 

First Generation Harvard Alumni

The First Generation Harvard Alumni is a Harvard Alumni Association interest group dedicated towards the empowerment of first-generation students. They host an annual mentorship program, pairing first-year, first-generation students with first-generation alumni of the College. 

Harvard College Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI)

The Harvard College Financial Aid Initiative hosts the Harvard First Generation Program (HFGP), which focuses on directing college awareness to future first generation college students.