Fields of Study

How Do I Make Sure I Fulfill The Requirements the College Curriculum Sets Out For Me? How Do I Explore The Academic Fields That I'm Interested In?

The Harvard College Curriculum lays out all of the requirements that you need to fulfull in order to complete your progam of study. To explore further, the information about the academic divisions will help you to get introductory information about each concentration or secondary field. For a complete listing of the resources available for each academic field, please visit our Pre-concentration Information guide.

Academic Divisions

At Harvard, fields of study are administratively organized in three divisions:

Concentrations and Secondary Fields

Harvard offers 50 concentrations (also known as "majors") and 49 secondary fields (also known as "minors"). Concentrations are required while secondary fields are optional. Information about these academic fields can be found in the overviews of the concentrations.

Harvard College Requirements

For official information about concentration and secondary field requirements, visit Fields of Concentration (in the Handbook for Students).

Harvard College Curriculum

For an overview of the Harvard College Curriculum, visit the Office of Undergraduate Education's section on Academics.

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