Website: uraf.harvard.edu/home

Phone: (617) 495-5095

Email: fellowships@fas.harvard.edu

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (URAF) administers a number of fellowships for graduating seniors and returning students, and also manages the endorsement process for Harvard College students and some alumni applying to prestigious national scholarships.

What are Fellowships?

Fellowships are merit-based grants—financial support awarded to an individual for some specific experience, usually in a competitive context. Other terms, such as award, scholarship, and studentship, are essentially interchangeable in describing funding awarded for a special opportunity.

Who is Eligible?

Many (but not all) of the funding opportunities administered by URAF are for graduating seniors and support projects or programs in the year following graduation. Some awards—fellowships for graduate degree programs, for example—are very closely tied to academic performance, while other fellowships place greater emphasis on personal development, public service, or co-curricular interests. Certain opportunities require US citizenship, while many are open to international students.

What Activities do Fellowships Support?

Broadly speaking, most fellowships at URAF fall into three main categories:

  • Formal Academic and Research Fellowships
    • National and Harvard-endowed fellowships for graduate degree programs (mostly in the UK) or for funded research projects abroad.
    • Examples: Fulbright research and English teaching (ETA) grants; Rhodes and Marshall scholarships; Harvard-UK Fellowships; Harvard-Cambridge Fellowships; Thouron Prize
  • Purposeful Travel Fellowships
    • Allow recipients to deeply engage with a foreign culture while pursuing meaningful projects abroad. They are opportunities for sustained personal growth and reflection.
    • Examples: Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Fellowship; Postgraduate Traveling Fellowships
  • Public Service Fellowships
    • Generous funding for students with a history of and long-term commitment to public service in the US or abroad.
    • Examples: Postgraduate Public Service Fellowships; Harry S. Truman Scholarship.

URAF administers other fellowships for graduating and returning students that don’t fit neatly in these categories, ranging from artist development support to summer travel funds. Take a look at the complete listing on the URAF website.

Exploring Fellowships at Harvard

The very first step doesn’t involve a website or an office visit. It should be a process of self-assessment to define your goals and consider the type of experience you wish to have.

You can then research suitable fellowships that best serve your unique interests.

After you have explored some of the opportunities, consult knowledgeable resources on campus. Every house has at least one dedicated House Fellowship Advisor (HFA) with whom you can discuss your interests and funding opportunities. URAF holds daily office hours for students, and your professors, thesis advisors, and TFs are also excellent resources for discussing postgraduate academic goals, project plans, and essay drafts.

For more detailed information on the application process, and to review the complete list of URAF funding opportunities, visit http://uraf.harvard.edu.


Other Funding on Campus

URAF is not the only source of funding at Harvard for study, travel, research, or service projects. For a more comprehensive listing, search the College-Wide Funding Database.