Exploring Fields of Study

******In compliance with Harvard’s policy on managing the COVID-19 outbreak, all on-campus Fields of Study Sessions have been cancelled for the spring semester. We are working with departments to explore virtual means of pre-concentration exploration, and we will update this page with more information soon.******

Resources for Virtual Advising:

For Students: Exploring Fields of Study: Virtual Options for Students 

For Academic Departments: Exploring Fields of Study Virtual Program Ideas

This year, the Fields of Study Fair (formerly known as Advising Fortnight) will take place in Annenberg on Monday, February 10, from 5pm to 7pm. During this event for first-year students, you’ll have the chance to speak with advisers from all 50 concentrations, the 11 unaffiliated secondary fields, and enjoy a buffet dinner.

Explore Harvard's 50 Concentrations

Exploring Fields of Study provides you with the opportunity to explore concentrations during the spring term of your first year and document your experiences in my.harvard to share with advisers and to help you to keep track of what you have learned. 

Harvard offers 50 Concentrations in four broad disciplinary areas (Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Sciences, and Social Sciences).

Fields of Study Sessions

During the spring term, each concentration will host Fields of Study Sessions where you can hear from and speak with faculty, advisers, and peers about the structure of the concentration and the intellectual community you will be joining. 

We hope that you will explore many concentrations based on your academic interests, even if you feel confident about your concentration plans already.