Final Exams

Not all courses have final exams.  (In some courses, final projects or papers are assigned instead.)  For those that do, the date/time of their finals is noted on their my.Harvard course page.

What happens if two of my finals are scheduled at the same time?

Don’t worry! The Registrar's Office (RO) reviews all student course enrollments and finds all such conflicts.  The RO will automatically resolve your conflict by scheduling a separate time for you to take one of the exams in question (which will then be referred to as an “out-of-sequence” exam.) If you need to take an out-of-sequence exam, the details will be sent to you in advance.

What if I can't make it to a final exam at the designated time?

If you are ill, you may petition for a makeup exam provided your illness is documented by medical staff at HUHS (Harvard University Health Services) within the 24-hour period before the scheduled start of the exam.  Depending on the circumstances, you may have the option of taking the exam while you’re at Stillman Infirmary.  In an emergency, a private physician could report your illness to HUHS before the beginning of the examination. The private physician would also need to supply a written statement to HUHS.

If your absence is unavoidable but unrelated to illness, you need to report and explain the reason for your absence in advance to (freshmen) your Resident Dean of Freshmen or (sophomores, juniors, or seniors) your Allston Burr Assistant Dean.

What if I overslept or thought my exam was at a different time?

If you miss an exam on account of a genuine inadvertence, you may petition the College’s Administrative Board for a make-up exam.  To pursue such a petition, you will need to speak (freshmen) to your Resident Dean of Freshmen or (sophomores, juniors, or seniors) your Allston Burr Assistant Dean.  Note: you can only successfully petition for an inadvertence make-up exam once in your college career.