Engineering Sciences

Brief Description of Concentration

 engineering sciencesEngineering plays a critical role in enhancing social progress and improving our quality of life. The Engineering Sciences program educates future leaders with the technical background necessary to develop and critically evaluate the next wave of engineering innovations, to apply these innovations to important local and global problems, and to make informed decisions about them in a societal context.

Learning Objectives

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Gateway Courses

  • ESE 6: Introduction to Environmental Science & Engineering, spring. Required for environmental tracks.
  • ENG-SCI 50: Introduction to Electrical Engineering 
  • ENG-SCI 51: Computer-Aided Machine Design, fall and spring
  • ENG-SCI 53: Quantitative Physiology as a Basis for Bioengineering, fall. Required for bioengineering tracks.
  • Math, begin according to placement (Math Ma,b 1a, b; Applied Math 21a,b or Math 22a,b). Required for all tracks.
  • Physics (Applied Physics 50a,b or Physical Sciences 12a,b or Physics 15a,b). Required for all tracks.
  • Life Science (LS 1a or LPSA) and/or Chemistry (PS 1 or 10 or 11). Required for some tracks; see College Handbook for details.