Energy and Environment

Brief Description of Secondary Field

windmills and the sunThe energy-environment challenge is a defining issue of our time, and one of Harvard’s greatest contributions to meeting that challenge will be the education of a new generation of leaders in science, business, law, design, and public service. To this end, the Environmental Science and Public Policy (ESPP) program, in coordination with the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE), is pleased to offer the secondary field in Energy and Environment (E&E). Through coursework and a colloquium, students engaged in the E&E secondary field will increase their exposure to, and literacy in, the interdisciplinary nature of issues related to energy and the environment.

Learning Objectives

All participating students share exposure to the core issues related to climate change, the consequences of energy choices, and changes in our physical and biological environment, preparing them to make informed professional and personal decisions about some of the most pressing societal challenges of the 21st century.

Gateway Courses

Students choose one foundational course from the following options, which include content related to both energy and environment:

  • GE 1158: Water and the Environment
  • GE 1137: Energy and Climate: Vision for the Future
  • GE 1094: The Climate-Energy Challenge
  • GE 1085: Energy Resources and the Environment 
  • ESE 6: Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering