East Asian Studies

Brief Description of Concentration

east asian studiesThe concentration in East Asian Studies seeks to develop a critical understanding of the human experience in East Asia. To study East Asia is to be exposed to a world with different forms of political activity and social relations, religious traditions of great depth and philosophical schools with enduring insights, and literatures of unusual range and power. It is also to study a world that since the 19th century has come to share in the dilemmas of modernity that we all confront.

Learning Objectives

A concentrator in East Asian Studies develops skills in a language, participates in the tutorial program, and selects from a rich offering of lecture courses and seminars. The program allows students to learn about East Asia as a whole and also to pursue specialized study of one or more East Asian societies: China, Japan, Korea, or Vietnam. While there are some commonalities among the many cultures and peoples of East Asia, there are also innumerable differences that mark each of these cultures and peoples as distinct in their own right. Thus a primary goal of the Concentration in East Asian Studies is to expose students to both the unity and the multiplicity of this vast and complex region. 

Gateway Courses

  • Students interested in a concentration in East Asian Studies should begin language study (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese) in the first semester of their freshman year, if possible.
  • EAS 97ab may be taken freshman year by students who are strongly committed to EAS as a concentration or secondary field.
  • EAS concentrators are required to take a historical survey course of the region they are studying:
    • History 1023: Japan in Asia and the World
    • SW 43: Japan's Samurai Revolution
    • General Education 1136: Power and Civilization: China
    • GOV 1280: Government and Politics of China
    • General Education 1101: The Business of China
    • General Education 1100: The Two Koreas in the Modern World
    • KORHIST 111: Traditional Korea
    • History 1820: Vietnam
    • History 1821: Vietnam
    • History B-68: America and Vietnam




Upcoming Advising Events

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