Division of Social Science Concentrations


Brief Description of Concentration

Anthropology ArtworkAnthropology is the study of human diversity in the distant past and the present and teaches us to recognize the remarkable array of circumstances in which human beings live their lives and make...

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East Asian Studies

Brief Description of Concentration

east asian studiesTo study East Asia is to be exposed to diverse forms of political activity and social relations, religious traditions of great depth, philosophical schools with enduring insights, and literatures of tremendous range and power...

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Brief Description of Concentration

economics seniors in front of littauerEconomics is a social science that covers broad subject matter in seeking to understand the social world. An economic analysis begins from the premise that individuals have goals and...

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Brief Description of Concentration

building facade with pillarsThe Department of Government—like political science—is an umbrella for a remarkable range of political subjects and approaches to studying them. It stands at the cross-roads of history, law, economics, sociology, philosophy, and...

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Brief Description of Concentration

various historical eventsHistory is a broad discipline encompassing every dimension of human interaction in the past, including social life, the economy, culture, thought, and politics. Students of history study individuals, groups, communities, and nations from...

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