Credit Requirement

In order to graduate, students ordinarily must complete

  • 128 credits of coursework

      = 32 four-credit courses

      = 4 courses/term on average

  • 84 of these credits

     = 21 four-credit courses

     (or, for honors, 96 credits = 24 four-credit courses)

     must be awarded a letter grade of C- or higher

  • The only non-letter grade that can count toward your requirement to complete 84/96 credits of satisfactory letter-graded coursework is
    • a grade of “Satisfactory” (SAT) earned in an eight-credit senior tutorial.
    • Credits taken either
      • by cross-registration, or
      • out of residence for degree credit

               will not be counted toward this requirement unless they are applied toward concentration requirements (as approved by your concentration) or the requirements for the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (UTEP).

For more information on credit requirements, including information for transfer students and students who decide to do advanced standing, see the Handbook for Students.