Academic Field Contacts

Want to learn more about a concentration? Trying to decide whether a concentration is right for you? The people listed below are advisers in the concentrators who are available to answer questions from students who have not yet declared a concentration or who are considering changing concentrations.

Academic Field

Pre-Concentrator Contact

Phone Number 

Email Address

African and African American Studies TBD    
Anthropology TBD 617-495-3814
Applied Mathematics AM Advising Team
Art, Film and Visual Studies Paula Soares 617-496-4469
Astrophysics Karin Oberg 617-496-9062
Biomedical Engineering Linsey Moyer 617-496-2840
Celtic Languages and Literatures* Steven Duede
Chemical and Physical Biology Dominic Mao 617-496-1206
Chemistry Gregg Tucci 617-496-4668
Chemistry and Physics Howard Georgi 617-496-8293
Classics David F. Elmer 617-495-4019
Comparative Literature Sandra Naddaff 617-495-5650
Computer Science Beth Musser 617-496-0789
Earth and Planetary Sciences Chenoweth Moffatt 6173849760
East Asian Studies Nicole Escolas 617-495-8365
Economics Kiran Gajwani 617-495-3948
Educational Studies* Matthew Tallon 617-496-1819
Electrical Engineering Chris Lombardo 617-496-5185
Energy and Environment* Lorraine Maffeo 617-496-6995
Engineering Sciences Chris Lombardo 617-496-5185
English Derek Miller 617-496-5366
Environmental Science and Engineering Patrick Ulrich 617-496-0542
Environmental Science and Public Policy Lorraine Maffeo 617-496-6995
Ethnicity, Migration, Rights* Eleanor Craig 617-495-4048
European History, Politics, and Societies* Vassilis Coutifaris 617-495-4563
Folklore and Mythology Lowell Brower
Germanic Languages and Literatures Lisa Parkes 617-495-3548
Global Health and Health Policy* Christy Colburn
Government Karen Kaletka 617-496-8528
History Carla Heelan
History and Literature Angela Allan
History and Science Allie Belser 617-495-3742
History of Art and Architecture Thomas Batchelder 617-495-2310
Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology Amie Holmes

Human Evolutionary Biology Neil Roach 617-495-1870
Integrative Biology Andrew Berry 617-495-0684
Linguistics Kathryn Davidson 617-495-2549
Mathematics Dennis Gaitsgory 617-495-5363
Mechanical Engineering Chris Lombardo 617-496-5185
Medieval Studies* Sean Gilsdorf
Microbial Sciences* Scott Chimileski
Mind, Brain, Behavior* Shawn Harriman 617-384-5301
Molecular and Cellular Biology TBD    
Music Richard Wolf
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Eva Misho 617-496-4960
Neuroscience Ryan Draft 617-496-9908
Philosophy Bernhard Nickel DUS Office Hours Sign Up
Physics Howard Georgi 617-496-8293
Psychology Andrea Lynch 617-496-9177
Religion, Comparative Study of Courtney Bickel Lamberth
Regional Studies: Russian, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia* Donna Griesenbeck
Romance Languages and Literatures Kathy Richman 617-495-1929
Slavic Languages and Literatures Aleksandra Kremer 617-495-4065
Social Studies Bonnie Talbert 617-496-5178
Sociology Hilary Holbrow 617-495-3887
South Asian Studies TBD    
Special Concentrations Candice Wesson 617-496-8516
Statistics TBD    
Theater, Dance & Media Debra Levine 617-496-7616
Translation Studies* Sandra Naddaff 617-495-5650
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Peer Advisers   Contact peer advisers here

*Standalone Secondary Field