Celtic Languages and Literatures

Brief Description of Secondary Field

Celtic Languages and LiteraturesHarvard is the only university in the United States where you can explore the culture, literature, history and languages of all the Celtic-speaking peoples. A secondary field in Celtic will introduce you to a vibrant and varied subject that encompasses literatures and languages from medieval to contemporary. Some students take a broad interest in the Celtic cultures, others in Celtic folklore and mythology, and some in the Celtic languages and literatures of Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. 

Learning Objectives

Students who complete a Secondary Field in Celtic may expect, not only to become familiar with the origins of the Celtic peoples and the growth of their cultural traditions, but also to understand better the foundations of ethnicity in any people that understands itself as possessing a distinct identity; to develop a keen critical awareness of the nature and vitality of oral traditions in their vibrant interrelationships with literary traditions; and to be aware of the precarious state of many of the world’s seven thousand languages, and why it matters.

Gateway Courses

  • CELTIC 101: Irish Heroic Saga 
  • CELTIC 111: Shapeshifting and Identity in Celtic Traditions 
  • CELTIC 187: Literature of the Dispossessed 
  • CELTIC 188: Songs of the Highlander 



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