Bureau of Study Counsel

Website: bsc.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-495-2581

Email: bsc@harvard.edu

“Learning can be exhilarating, inspiring, and rewarding. It can also be difficult, disillusioning, and exhausting. Harvard student life calls on you to approach your intellectual and creative work with strategy, skill, and spirit; to make difficult choices about your time and your priorities; to conduct yourself with integrity and honor; to develop a sense of voice and authority in your scholarship, relationships, and leadership; to work well and play well with others; to discover what leaves you feeling enlivened and engaged; and to make meaning of your work and your experiences.”

“BSC services are designed to support you in your efforts to learn and grow and engage in the educational opportunities available to you at Harvard. BSC services are grounded in a 'whole person' educational/developmental model which recognizes the interrelationships among the intellectual, social, and personal aspects of academic life and learning.”

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  • Academic Counseling – one-on-one conversations with a BSC academic counselor
  • Workshops and Discussions – on study- and learning-related topics (such as time management, speaking up in class, getting started writing papers, etc.)
  • Peer Tutoring – one-on-one or in small groups, available for a wide range of Harvard courses
  • ESL Peer Consulting – for international students interested in improving their English language oral skills
  • Reading Course – short non-credit course to help students develop a repertoire of reading strategies for college-level work
  • Study & Write @ 5 Linden – a quiet place to study with company, coffee, and cookies


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