Advising Programs Office


Phone: 617-496-0218


The goal of academic advising at Harvard is to help our students transition to college academics, prepare to declare a concentration, and delve deeply into their chosen field of study.

Starting in freshman year, advisers help students immerse themselves in the intellectual life of the university, develop plans of study that best cohere with their evolving interests, and take full advantage of the many intellectual enrichment opportunities that Harvard offers.

Academic advisers are an essential part of students’ advising networks in the College. The Advising Programs Office supports Harvard students and their advisers in forming lasting and effective mentoring relationships.

Academic Advising

The Advising Programs Office oversees the College’s:

  • Freshman advising program (in partnership with the Dean of Students Office)
  • Sophomore advising program (in partnership with the Houses)
  • Peer Advising Fellows program (in partnership with the Dean of Students Office)


The Advising Programs Office organizes and administers a number of programs, such as:

  • Opening Days academic programming (in partnership with the Dean of Students Office)
  • Advising Corner field-specific advising for first-year students (over lunches in Annenberg)
  • Professors and Pastries, an opportunity for first-year students to engage in informal conversation with leading faculty in the University whom students identify as esteemed teachers and mentors about the intellectual journeys that brought them to Harvard.
  • Advising Fortnight, a two week series of pre-concentration advising events for first-year students beginning with a concentration fair in Annenberg.
  • Star Family Prizes for Excellence in Advising, a nomination-based prize competition intended to recognize outstanding freshman, sophomore, concentration, and faculty advisers in the Harvard community and to help students and advisers reflect on what constitutes great advising.   Learn about more Undergraduate Awards and Prizes here.


Visit these advising resource sites for more information: