Throughout the four years, you have many academic advisers who form a network to ensure that you can explore your academic interests, get support when you need it, and reflect on how your experiences inform your curricular and co-curricular experiences.

In your first-year, your academic adviser will be either a member of the Board of First-year Advisers or your proctor.  You will also have a Peer Advising Fellow (PAF) who is an upperclass student. Your Resident Dean of First-Year students will also be available to offer you advice. These advisers will support you in transitioning to college and will guide you in exploring your academic interests by connecting you to resources. 

In your sophomore year, your academic adviser will be a residential or non-residential tutor based in your House. Your sophomore adviser will guide you in choosing your concentration and in exploring your co-curricular opportunities. 

After you declare a concentration, you will have a concentration adviser (usually a faculty member, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, or Undergraduate Program Coordinator) who will advise you on courses, research, and career planning. 

Once you join the House community, you will also have a Resident Dean who will be available to provide academic advice both before and after you declare your concentration.