Support Resources

Harvard has many resources to assist you in getting the most out of college.  Whether you’re experiencing academic or personal challenges, or you’re interested in pursuing co-curricular opportunities (like research, internships, or study abroad), there are offices and staff on campus you can turn to for guidance (in addition to the members of your advising network).  The most successful students are those who take full advantage of the resources at their disposal.  Reaching out is the best guarantee that you’ll thrive, not simply survive, in college.      

Here are a few of the most important academic resources:

Academic Assistance - General

Accessible Education Office

The Accessible Education Office (AEO) supports the needs and rights of members of the Harvard community – students, faculty, and staff – with disabilities or chronic health issues. Read more

Advising Programs Office

The Advising Programs Office supports students and their advisers in forming lasting and effective mentoring relationships.  Read more...

Assistive Technology Center

The Assistive Technology Center (ATC) helps students with disabilities obtain and use the technologies they need to learn effectively. 

House Based Advising

Welcome back, sophomores, juniors, and seniors!

Bureau of Study Counsel

The Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC) offers one-on-one academic counseling conversations, workshops, peer tutoring, a reading course, and other resources to help students be engaged, effective, and enlivened in their learning and their life.  Students are invited to meet with a BSC academic counselor as they consider – or reconsider – their choice of concentration. Read more


The Registrar’s Office (RO) is the College’s official source of information about academic rules and regulations, including degree requirements. Read more

Writing Center

The Harvard College Writing Center offers assistance to students on all aspects of their writing, from specific assignments to general writing skills. Read more

Academic Assistance - Course-Based

Economics Question Center

The Economics Question Center (EQC) is a drop-in resource for students in Ec 1010a, 1010b, 1011b, and 1123.

General Education

The Program in General Education (Gen Ed) comprises the largest set of degree requirements outside of the concentration.  The Gen Ed Office advises on this requirement. Read more

Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center (LRC) supports second language learners in several ways, helping connect them to language communities and cultural opportunities, and providing them with essential learning technologies.

Math Question Center

The Math Question Center (MQC) is a drop-in resource for students in Math 1a, 1b, 21a, and 21b.

Libraries and Museums


Widener, the largest university library in the world, is one of 80 Harvard libraries that students can access to research or explore every imaginable subject. Read more


Harvard has numerous museums dedicated to the arts, history, and science.  The museums are outstanding resources for research, exploration, and inspiration.  


Career Services

The Office of Career Services (OCS) offers information and advice on everything from jobs and internships to planning for careers or graduate school. Read more

International Education

The Office of International Education (OIE) advises on term-time and summer study abroad opportunities. Read more

Research and Fellowships

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (URAF) serves Harvard students, faculty, and staff as the primary source of information about undergraduate research and a wide range of fellowship opportunities. Read more about fellowships and more about research.

Student Life

BGLTQ Student Life Office

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life provides support, resources, and leadership development for bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, and questioning students.

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office (DSO) is responsible for the overall wellbeing of first-year students. Read more

Student Life

The Office of Student Life (OSL) integrates the academic, residential, and co-curricular components of students’ lives, linking their experiences outside the classroom to the academic mission of the College; and their intellectual, public service, and leadership interests to their future aspirations. Read more

Women's Center

The Harvard College Women’s Center sponsors a variety of programs that address issues to do with women and gender. It provides information and resources and helps connect and support students, faculty, and alumnae.