Academic Planning

Planning your academic career requires that you be familiar with

  • the mandatory and elective elements of a Harvard education and the many options that are available to you for pursuing them 
  • strategies for choosing courses and concentrations
  • the policies, rules, and regulations that govern Harvard academics and Harvard’s community standards (which are fully documented in the Harvard College Handbook for Students, the College’s advising resource of record)
  • resources that are available to assist you

 The following pages include information on

Degree Requirements

A Harvard degree has five required components.  More


The elective coursework component of your degree gives you total freedom to explore Harvard’s course offerings.  More

Choosing Courses

There are many reasons to think of taking a particular course.  More

Career Planning

A Harvard education is the springboard to a vast range of possible careers.  More

Advanced Placement and Advanced Standing

Harvard recognizes the advanced work of students prior to matriculation in several ways.  More


Students can graduate with Latin honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) and English (departmental) honors (Honors, High Honors, Highest Honors).  More

Policies, Rules, and Regulations

Students in Harvard College are expected to be abide by the College’s policies, rules, and regulations concerning academics and community standards.   More